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Happy New Home!

1 January, 2016

2016 is all about out with the old and in with the fabulous new…Hue!

My New Year’s Resolution isn’t about giving up chocolate or losing unwanted pounds, instead I’m getting rid of unwanted clutter and making way for this year’s gorgeous colourways that are all set to ignite the senses and lift the spirit to deliriously giddy heights!

I’m so excited to see this year’s design trends encouraging health, happiness and well being by creating wonderful surroundings with splashes of colour, whether it’s a feature wall, a few well chosen accessories or beautiful textured soft furnishings. Updating with the right tones will enhance every aspect your home and will make you feel fabulous.

That hue looks divine on you Dah-ling

According to the ‘Chevruel Effect’ colour is so emotive that it has the power to influence ones senses, thoughts and emotions and can even change the shape and size of a room and it couldn’t me more true!

Colour is something I have always been passionate about and when creating a new environment, whether it’s for my clients or my own home, I believe a space should not only look fantastic it should make a person feel amazing.

This year we’ll be cozying up with natural elements, stunning metals and clean tones as they join together harmoniously, creating a glorious balance between nature and energy

Expect to see romantic, soft winter hues such as dusty roses, deep purples and warm greys that conjure up images of powdery snow and cashmere sweaters – perfect for creating that snuggly hideaway.

Take the hum-drum out of the office and opt instead for an inspiring look with ever popular cobalt blues and winter berries. Paired with natural, untreated woods and the sleek design of mid century style, working from home will have never felt so sassy and classy!

For the aspiring cuisine-queen why not look to incorporate uplifting notes, reminiscent of toasted almonds, winter sunshine and creamy avocados into your kitchen area, such as deep gold, happy yellow and mossy green, paired with warm greys – whether it’s in the form of painted walls or smooth concrete. A dash and a splash of these motivating tones will have you cooking up a storm.

And if you dare to bare your bold side just a little, you’ll be bang on trend with deep palettes such as teals, aqua’s and emerald as they continue to be a top trend – perfect notes for creating dreamy bedrooms that move seamlessly into their ensuite each promoting health, peace and tranquillity.

Now before getting carried away with those sample paint pots, there’s a little ground work to be done!

Un-deck the halls

Today’s bizzy whizzy world can feel overwhelming and at times all we want to do is retreat into our safe haven.

If your home is feeling a little overrun with ‘distractions’, you can instantly create a sense of harmony by addressing one room at a time, clearing the clutter and incorporating super clever storage solutions.

For the living room consider adding extra space with a stylish, multi-purpose coffee table or ottoman, that will allow you to hide away any necessary items you don’t necessarily want on show!

For the boudoir, if you haven’t stuck to last New Year’s resolution ‘one new item in, one out’, opt for under-bed storage, draw organisers and smart systems that sit discreetly on the reverse of wardrobe doors – you’ll be delighted by how much more you can store.

They say a tidy desk is a sign of a tidy mind… if you are tripping over unsightly wires, cable tidies will draw the eye away from the tangled chaos, allowing you to focus on the job at hand. And. with so many smart filing solutions available, outdated paperwork can be simply filed away, leaving stylish shelving solutions to show off your beloved treasures.

With the decks clear, your home is now ready for its makeover. Time to get potty with the paint pots!

Let the colours you love be your guide

With so many hues trending this year, keep it simple by considering what you will use each space for and the mood you want to create.

Ask yourself… Would I wear this colour? Does this colour inspire me? Does it evoke a sense of calm, excitement or dreaminess? Take the time to experiment with different palettes and understand how each colour makes you feel.

Simple rules to consider – light colours are expansive and airy, making rooms seem larger and bright. Darker colours add a touch of sophistication and warmth, giving larger rooms a more intimate appearance.

For a minimal, streamlined look limit the number of colours, incorporating one accent wall and a few well chosen accessories and for a more unified feel though-out, consider bringing your look together using a similar accent colour throughout each room.

New hue… new you

So perhaps this year, instead of embarking on a new fad diet or exercise regime, consider de-cluttering and re-vamping the colours in your space to create a wonderfully streamlined, radiant new look that will make your inner sanctuary an even more wonderful place to be.

Without a doubt, in no time at all you will see amazing results… a fabulous new you!

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