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Staying connected… to your home

31 May, 2015

As a small child I remember using a blanket and two dining room chairs to build a house or fort, sectioning out different areas with cushions and blocks… saying to my mother this is the kitchen, here is the living room and these bricks are the garage and I would play for what seemed hours in my imaginary house, as children do.

Whether it’s our desks at work, a hotel room or indeed our homes, within these spaces we surround ourselves with things of great importance, not just as an expression of who we are, but more to fill ourselves with comfort and a sense of familiarity – because building a home is innate within us all.

When I think of interior design, I think of elegance, timeless classics and style. But most of all I consider how a person feels about their personal space as it is paramount to their well being. For me it’s about creating environments that are not only beautiful, but also create a sense of calmness and optimism – spaces that are effective places to be.

With all the high tech, constant contact in today’s super connected world, our culture is generating a desire for interiors that evoke a sense of calmness, romance, nostalgia and well-being, with a dash of reflection thrown in for good measure.

For years the momentum of an eclectic mix of styles has been slowly growing and now more than ever marrying the old and new, vintage and modern, serious and fanciful is unabashed as we bridge design styles across multiple decades.

Living rooms are becoming more reminiscent of a pre-internet era, it’s about symmetry and sophistication, combining modern vintage pieces that invite you to sit down with an aperitif, rather than a laptop, and reflect on your day.

And despite the proliferation of e-readers, it’s time to lock away your Kindle as at home libraries are once again the ultimate dream space. Imagine row upon row of beautifully crafted, bespoke bookcases, painted in the same soft muted tones as the wall coverings and soft furnishings – so as to give the illusion of your hardback and vintage finds being suspended in air, surrounding you whilst you delve into the scintillating world created by your favourite author.

For bathrooms, simple elegance reigns over fast and functional, as the vintage style tub makes its way back into our homes. With their smooth roll top edges and deep basin, offering that old fashioned, all embracing soak, giving that perfect retreat to indulge the senses…an experience not to be rushed.


At the end of a long day, there is something unspeakably luxurious about rolling out of a vintage tub and into what is the epitome of tradition and elegance, the four poster bed – even they are having a come-back moment. With their sense of romance, these pillared pieces offer a feeling of privacy and sanctuary, invoking you into a deep slumber.

Whether you are looking to simply decorate, revamp a room or completely remodel your home, it is all about embracing your vision and creating spaces that are timeless and distinctive yet restorative – so you feel compelled to cast aside the mobile phones, emails, deadlines and all other stresses that today’s uber-connected world presents and enjoy your time, your space, your place.

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